Thursday, November 5

It all starts here!

I have officially joined he couponing world and thought I would start my own blog, taking my readers through the start-up process of clipping coupons. It all started a few weeks back after taking a free class at my local library called "Meet the Coupon Lady". I walked into the class with a closed mind about the whole idea and really just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours.

I was pretty intrigued, I admit, after hearing how cheap the Coupon Lady was able to buy a table full of products that I use everyday. I admittedly still thought, what was an extra $0.25 here or there. It didn't seem to add up, although the Coupon Lady's monthly grocery bill was about a tenth of mine!

After the class, I went home and pretty quickly sat down at my computer to look up the list of websites she recommend her pupils to take a look at. The websites listed pretty great deals and so I printed out the online coupons (from sites such as or, since I didn't at that point have the coupons from the Detroit Free Press or Oakland Press.

A few days later I went to Meijer and tried a few of the best deals, all of which worked. As I left the store that night, I felt as if I were stealing from it! I couldn't believe I was able to buy so many things for close to 50% off. From that night on, I have been hooked! It has only been about a month, but my stockpile (multiples of products that I use regularly in my home) is growing everyday. I might just have to buy a storage shelf to hold everything.

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