Tuesday, November 24

My 100 Free Seehere.com Cards Arrived!

I just received my 100 free photocards from SeeHere.  I paid nothing for all 100 cards, plus shipping was free too!  I decided to order 50 thank-you cards and 50 Christmas cards (see photo below), but I have heard you can choose any combination you would like (i.e. 30 birth announcements + 20 thank-you cards and 30 Christmas cards + 20 birthday invitations, etc.).

If you are interested, the deal is still going on through November 30, but the free shipping is not being offered anymore (I think they had a higher response that they were expecting).  The shipping is around $3.19 for 50 cards, which is still pretty cheap for 50 photo cards with envelopes!

Here's how to do it:
  1. Go to SeeHere and sign-up or login, if you are already a member.
  2. Choose "photocard" tab and click on the 4x8 photocards.
  3. Choose your design, upload picture(s) and add wording.
  4. Type in "50" for quantity at the bottom and add to cart.
  5. When you check-out, use promo code newbaby and you'll only have to pay $3.19 for shipping.
If you want 50 more cards (for an additional $3.19 shipping only), you can login again and repeat above steps, this time using code Freebies4Mom, instead. You can go over to MoneySavingMom  for more details (thanks so much for this deal)!

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