Tuesday, February 16

To Buy or Not to Buy: Organic!

As you know may know, buying organic foods is quite a bit more expensive than non-organic, so you may be wondering how to save money when buying organic.  I found a great article at Organic.com that can help prioritize when to spend a little more on organic and when not to worry as much!

The article lists the "dirty dozen" - the 12 most contaminated foods that you should try to buy organic if you can, because they tend to accumulate the most pesticides, including apples, peaches and strawberries.  It also lists the 12 Least Contaminated fruits and vegetables than you don't have to worry about as much due to their tougher skins or protective leaf covering, such as corn, broccoli, bananas and onions.  Take a look at the full list here.

Hopefully this will help you to figure the most important organic items to purchase and when you can just buy the non-organic counterpart without worrying!  This article is also helping me to figure out what items to plant in my garden this spring, like bell peppers, strawberries and spinach because they are the "dirty dozen" list!

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