Saturday, May 22

Wendy's Key Tag for a $1 = Free Junior Frosty Every Visit!

My mother informed of a pretty sweet deal at Wendy's right now.  They are offering a key tag that can be purchased for $1, which in turn can be used to get a free Junior Frosty with any purchase every time you visit a participating Wendy's through the end of the year (12/31/10).  My key tag states that it is valid only at participating Michigan Wendy's (so if you are in another state, I would check into it).  I believe the $1 you spend does to a charity, but I am not sure of which one, since my husband purchased it.

My kids love the junior frosties because they are the perfect size (miniature-sized for little ones)!  In order to get your free Junior Frosty each and every visit, you must make another purchase.  I plan on buying one Junior Frosty for $0.95 and then getting the second for free with my key card.  I think that's pretty cheap for two ice creams for both of my kiddies!  Plus, we tend to get a LOT of ice cream in the summer, so this should save us quite a bit on our usual Dairy Queen or McDonald runs...


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